deMeng Commercials from Days Gone By

So as I was organizing some of the Online Class pages I came across a number of commercials I did over the years…some of which I completely forgot about.  So for you're viewing pleasure I thought I'd give you a fun video trip.

The First Commercial - what do you do when you're bored and drinking a martini….well this:

Fistful of Brushes- Not so much a commercial…but it's perhaps my favorite

The Cow-manthemum - Not my fav but I did invent a species in this video:

Poor Little Dolly - my first and perhaps only attempt at a music video

Super Freaky - What's not to love about a deMentriloquist doll singing to Rick James?  Nothing!

The Opposite of Moisturizer - I love the silhouetted effect on cop shows.  In hind site I should have used one of those voice change effects.

Two Creepy Dudes Singing - Okay where I heard the Russian version of Lawrence Welk singing the Trololo song…I knew I had to do something with it.

My Worst Commercial - this is so bad I LOVE it!

Pez-anormal Activity - A Blair Witch Project kind of thing and my stepdaughter's film debut

You Spin Me Right Round - get ready to dance

Me in Drag - my first attempt at using the green screen

Me in Drag…Again - this is another multiple character venture.  One funny comment I got was that someone said that they hope my sister doesn't look like that.   She doesn't.

Creepy Dollies! - So your wife is teaching and your in rural Wisconsin…this is what you do.

Punk Fiction Puppet Books - when I first shot this it was soooooo bad.  So to make it work…I had to make it REALLY BAD.  And so it is

A Trip into My Head - My most recent….think of growing a little mustachio just like that.