acky bluh-a-luh Winner(s)

DeMented Dictionary contest. So we have a winner or actually winners. 
The actual definition of an acky-bluh-a-luh is my sister's pacifier
(Bluh-a-luh) after it lands in the shag carpet and gets covered in hair and becomes acky. 

Terry Fryer on deMented Dictionary Contest:
The sound made when trying to remove pet hair from your tongue in the morning after you have slept with your mouth open.

Runner up:
Carola Whitlow on deMented Dictionary Contest:
What I just said when I cleaned the bathtub drain after two girls with long hair (one of which forgets to put the drain strain in) have been shampooing every day for a week.
acky bluh-a-luh - accumulation of slick, slimy gunk you don't actually want to touch (unlike the gunk sometimes used to make demented dollies)

I decided to do a first and second place and was decided by a coin toss. Both Terry and Carola get a goody. Watch the vid: