Back to the Blog

So it's been some time since I've really done much blogging.  I've decided the time has come to jump back into the routine.  My goal is to do 3 posts every week.

Wednesdays: ON THE EASEL- these post will be about specific art pieces that I am working working on in the studio.  Lots of photos, symbolism and inspirations to be found here. 

Fridays:  WAY COOL - these will be cool artists, events, exhibits, places, music, books, shows that you should know about.  Way too cool not to share.  

Sundays: THE SKINNY - this will be my weekly post about my personal events.  My upcoming workshops, exhibits, sales, Etsy listings etc. will be here.  

Hope to see you here tomorrow for ON THE EASEL- Wizard of Odds: the TinMan