THE SKINNY- Art in NOLA. Workshops in Petaluma and Houston

Here's what's going down: Check out some art.  Take some classes!

New Work Heading to New Orleans

I'll be sending new pieces to Graphite Gallery this Week...including a couple of torsos...Persephone and Hades.  If you happen to be hanging out in the French Quarter you should stop in.

Graphite Gallery, 936 Royal St, New Orleans, LA 70116

Lots of classes coming up in a few weeks.  It kicks off with Art is You Petaluma.  Workshops include: Sacred Shrine to the Seemingly Insignificant Thing, Mixed Media Retratos, Mermaids and Nautical Oddities.  Bonus event: Dirty Rotten Egg Parade 

Click here to join the fun:

Adorn Me has opened up a few classes to mixed media artists like myself.  If you're in the Houston area come on by and take a few classes.  Assemblings of a Mad Watchmaker, Sideshow Shrines, Sacred Shrine to the Seemingly Insignificant Thing, and a duo class with Andrea Matus called Scroll Mates.

So that's what's happening now.  You can always pop over to my Workshop page and see where I may be next.

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