Alchemist's Toolbox - Online on demand


Alchemist's Toolbox - Online on demand


This time: TOOLS. Specifically, tools that I use and how I use them in my work. I mean we have to figure out ways dissect things and then resect thing in weird and wonderful ways. This is Humpty Dumpty 101...except we are going to actually put Humpty Dumpty back together again.   To do this we need tools. Some hand tools but also power tools....yay! I know many folks are what I call "powertool-o-phobes". 

My goal is to show you how to use them safely and with confidence. So don't fret!   Each artist uses different tools to do the voodoo that they do so well.   For instance, one of the things we will be spending a fair amount of time on is the Dremel rotary tool. It comes with lots of bits and I'll shed some light on those various attachments and what in the heck they are for.     Of course I'll also show you how to make cool sparks.  Then of course there are things like drills, rivet guns, torches, Crop-a-diles, vices (the tool kind...not the martini kind), and a bunch of other goodies. 

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  • How much does it cost?  A: $59.99
  • When does it begin? A: Ongoing
  • How long does it run?  A: It is yours to watch as long as you like.
  • How does it differ from live class?  A: On Demand classes won’t have the new weekly Q and A video, but students will be able to access the Q and A videos that were previously recorded when it was running live.
  • Is the class segmented or do I get everything at once?  A: On-Demand you get everything at once. Watch at your leisure
  • What kind of site is being used to host this class?  A: I'm using a protected blog.
  • How do I watch the videos?  You watch them through a protected Vimeo account.  You can also download them onto your computer.
  • How will I access the blog?  A: Once you pay I will send out passwords and usernames to all the students.  
  • Is this for Beginners or Advanced students?  A: It's for everyone.  I've made it so it is information that can be used by all levels.
  • Will it be entertaining?  A: Geez, I hope so.  I will try and make it very un-dry and fun.
  • What specifications does my computer need?  A:  You'll need to be able to watch movies on sites like YouTube or Vimeo. 
  • What will happen after I sign up?  I'll send you a confirmation to say "howdy" and I will send you codes to the TypePad account and the video codes.
  • How long will I have to watch the videos?  A: If you download them you can watch them as long as you like.
  • How do I sign up?  A: Click the little button and you're off and running. WooHoo!