Skullduggery - Online Class


Skullduggery - Online Class



For Halloween, Dia de los Muertos or Whenever

Every year I visit Mexico during Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead). Not only is this a marvelous event where relatives celebrate the memories of the deceased, but it is also a chance for the living to mock the reaper. It’s a way for the living to say: “Neener, neener you haven’t got me yet”. One of the ways that Mexicans do this is with little skeletal toys known as “calacas”. Usually, they are playful scenes where the skeletons are in the engaged in everyday activities, riding bicycles, walking dogs, dancing with devils (okay, so this one is perhaps not an everyday activity). The idea is to have a little fun with one's mortality. Well, that is what we’ll be doing in class. Using doll parts, action figures, and other found objects student will create little skeletons that will tickle your funny bone.

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  • Chapter List
    1.Intro to Dia de los Muertos
    2. Junking for Skullies
    3. Tool Talk
    4. Crackin' and Crusty Skully Textures
    5. Dapper Cadaver Fancy texture
    6. The Clay Calavera
    7. Busty Dead Dudes
    8. Colores de los Muertos
    9. Boney Glow
    10. Dem Bones
    11. Day of the Dead Squiggly Doos
    12. Calacas - Traditional Day of the Dead Toys
    13. Newly Deads and Just Burieds
    14. Curse of the Calavera
    15. Tintype Masquerade
    16. Dia de los Muertos Cinema with Bruno

    Questions You Might Have:
  • How much does it cost?  $99.99
  • How long can I access the videos? Forever and ever.  You will have to ability to download the videos right to your computer.
  • How does it differ from live class?  Online classes allow for a bit more in-depth explanations of techniques etc.
  • Will there be video?  A: Yes.  I have about 150 of minutes of protected video that only students will be able to access.
  • Is the class segmented or do I get everything at once?  I have designed the class so you will have access the information at once and can play with it as you like, at your own speed.  New weekly videos will pop up with additional project, tidbits and tips.
  • What kind of site is being used to host this class?  I'm using a protected website.
  • How will I access the website?  When class begins I will send out passwords to all the students. 
  • What else will be on the site?  Along with the workshop videos I will also do weekly video addressing these questions.
  • Is this for Beginners or Advanced students?  It's for everyone.  I've made it so it is information that can be used by all levels.
  • Will it be entertaining?  Geez, I hope so.  I will try and make it very un-dry and fun.
  • What will happen after I sign up?      I will send out the secret codes, etc.