Testimonials for Michael deMeng Workshops

I've taken MANY of Michael's classes, in person and online, and will continue. Though I am a book maker, and my style is nothing like Michael's, every single time I learn more techniques and skills to use in my own art. Plus he's funny, and really smart. - Kip Kozlowski
Myself and my 13yo son (who is in the autism spectrum) attended a tin-man class with Michael deMeng in Noosa, Australia, in 2016. We both had an awesome time, and to see my son meticulously follow the use of tools in a safe manner as instructed, and to listen to Michael give him calm and clear guidance was awesome. My son then used his tin-man as part of his audition submission into an Arts academy, where he starts this year. How fantastic is that! Thank you Michael. -Trudy Robinson
Michael's classes are amazing, they both allow you creativity of expression and to develop new skills. These are truly amazing classes and I can't wait until the next time he visits Australia. - Sandee Harris
Best part of Michael's workshop, was working along side my husband who has never been to an art workshop in his life. Together we created side by side... with Michael guiding us through every step. AWESOME day. -Gina Sanderson 
Don't let the puns fool you! In addition to discovering the 'thinginess' of objects and trans-formative power of paint, Michael also teaches composition, technique and a bit of art history ... sometimes without you even knowing it! The more workshops I take, the more I want to take ... and each class comes with a great soundtrack, too! - Kristy Duncan
One of the most twisted and enigmatic minds of our times. Michael Demeng delivers an opportunity to reach, touch and explore the world of art by transforming the chaos into a harmonious frequency of pleasure on every piece. - Mijali Barbagallo
I am a fan. I love learning new techniques and watching Michael work. The classes are informative, creative, and lots of fun. Michael ends every class with a critique of each students' art. The critique is uplifting for the artist of the piece and teaches the rest of us a variety of art principles. I feel very fortunate to be one of the many fabulous people in the Michael deMeng clan.Marilyn Ubben Werst
Best Art Teacher in the WHOLE WORLD! Funny, Insightful, Encouraging and best all - Super Talented. It's easy to get swept up in the thrill of creation when in Michael's classes. Never a regret and worth every penny! Be prepared to take your abilities to the next level. - Shelly Caldwell
Michael DeMeng is an excellent artist. His studies of color are worth the entire class! And the knowledge can be used forever! -Cindy Trobaugh
I took the Tuna Tin class a few years ago, and three things about your teaching style really impressed me. You were relaxed, you were funny, and you told us that there was no right or wrong way, to just do it our way. -Eunice Oakley
Michael's classes not only gave my techniques and inspiration for 3D and assemblage work, I have used his paint techniques in my works on canvas and paper. What he teaches about color theory is more than I have gotten in many painting classes. I am also inspired by the research he puts into his series and many times this also crosses over into my other work. -Tina Berrier
DANGER: Do NOT take DeMeng Workshops! You will never be able to drive by a yard sale again. Your visible spectrum will be seen in terms of his color recipes. Friends will beg you to stop referring to his his techniques. And your children will eventually figure out what happened to their 'disappeared' toys. You've been warned. - Steve Parmelee
Very thorough in teaching, and videos are very well edited. You don't get stuck part-way through a class, wondering what step has been missed - but if ever you did, he provides some amazing Martini recipes as well. - Anne Squire 
Michael's classes are like one of the best rides at an amusement park. At first, you don't know what you got yourself into. But then you're running to stand in line again. He is comprehensive, passionate about teaching mixed media art, and what he teaches will be bouncing around in your head long after the class has ended. -Theresa Gonzales 
I've taken multiple classes by Michael DeMeng . In each class, he far exceeded expectations. The techniques learned can be used in countless applications and the inspiration is endless! -Sherry Westfall Matthews
Having taken a couple of Michael's classes, I am always amazed by his willingness to share all his years of knowledge for this art medium. I love that there is never any ego involved as you might expect from someone in his position. He is open, engaging, funny and thorough in his teaching methods. You will learn a lot and you will never be disappointed. - Terie Christmas Davis
I have taken several classes from Michael DeMeng. Every time, I learn something new. And he has a great sense of humor. -Camille McCoy
Michael is very encouraging and supportive of all the students in his classes. He helps the little light bulbs go off in our brains! And you can take an online workshop that uses light bulbs! If you can't take a class in person, these online classes are a great way to experience the Wacky Wonderful World of deMeng. - Fern Strong
Michael deMeng changed me from a guy who did not know the difference between gesso and gel into the artist that I am today. Along the way I have had adventures on line and in person including travels to foreign lands where I have learned so much about art and about being a resident of the world. And..I laugh. -Gary Warren Niebuhr
You will never look at a flea market or garage sale in the same way. I would give Michael's classes a 98. They have a good beat and you can dance to them. -Kathy Gould
 Michael’s classes are so much fun. He is generous in sharing his techniques and knowledge of materials. His sense of humor, enthusiasm and willingness to give time to each individual student makes him an excellent instructor. His critiques at the end of class are always constructive and encouraging. I learn something new and valuable in every one of Michael’s classes and they are among the most memorable and enjoyable that I have taken. -Ann Renee Lighter
Michael deMeng is a study in light and dark. His genius shines through and he has a deliciously dark sense of humor. I've learned so much about color and painting in his classes. As a bonus, I get to use the word assemblage when I'm junking! -Vickie Trancho
I took Michaels "Shades of alchemy" class and it was awesome! Packed full of information and tells you everything you need to know to get all those amazing grungy colors and patinas that we all love in Michael's work. - Kristie Taylor
The best thing about Michael DeMeng's workshops and classes is that he lets you inside his head to share his way of thinking about art, creativity and colour. I have learned some amazing things from his workshops in person and one of the beauties of his online classes is that I can come back and check something or give myself little refresher courses in "DeMengian" techniques. - Grant Dowling
He will open up a new world that ya never new existed and take you to different dimensions ,you'll be hooked and you'll see things forever in a new way!!!! - Tammy Ham
MDM has a mesmerizing and entertaining teaching style. From the very start, you will feel welcome and stimulated. If you are not a painter, sculptor or visionary, you probably will be pretty confident about these things by the end of class. As you go forward, you will often call upon the skills you've learned from just a single workshop.He can explain things in steps and ways that make it easy (and fun) to learn. Group sizes are structured to allow time for lots of individual help. If your vision encounters a dilemma, he will find a way to get you through it. He knows his medium and is generous with his knowledge. I've also found him to be approachable and responsive to questions you may have well after class. You will also find your fellow tribe members among the many groups that you will have access to. It's a enlightening experience! Some have called it "Life Changing" and I agree. -Lynn Breutzmann
Michael is an amazing person, artist, teacher and mentor. He will foster and nurture your creative spirit. His workshops are great learning and doing opportunities for emerging and established artists. You will become part of a group of lovely (and lively) art friends that share ideas and give constructive feedback. The travel adventure workshops will immerse you in cultures you may never otherwise experience. You should go! - Solange Belleforte
I have only taken on line classes (5)with Michael ( I am planning on going to one of his Mexico classes). The commitment he makes to each person amazes me. I have emailed him questions and get an answer back within an hour. Who else does that???  Love learning from him. Karyn Bunting
Michael's classes are entertaining and mesmerizing. They inspire you to create unique pieces of your own while learning new techniques that you can apply to your own work. He shares step by step how to transform ordinary objects in to unique and fun pieces while encouraging you to find your own objects to fit the criteria. He encourages questions and continued discussion with him as well as other Demeng class junkies during and after the course ends. -Suzanne Calo DuFour