You're all signed up for Why Art History Doesn't Suck - Surrealism.  What do do now?  You can chill...or you can join the FaceBook group and meet some of the other students and hang out being surreal. On the FB I'll be posting some inspirations and artists to check out, as well as and movies etc. to get you ready for class. Here's the link to join the FaceBook group link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/whysurreal/

In May I'll be sending out the secret codes...and then we will get rolling!

Leonora Carrington

Leonora Carrington


Why Art History Doesn't Suck - Episode One: Surrealism

It's seems to me that some folks are a bit intimidated by Art History.  Perhaps they view it as a dry, dull topic that has no bearing on their life.   I can relate; I've experienced my share of droning, over-intellectualized lectures...so I've decided I would spice it up a bit...and I put together a series of Art History workshops designed to excite the most unexcitable.  These videos will be playful and funny, but most importantly they will be informational.   From my unique perspective, I will share with you the reasons the various movements and artists are so important, as well as the ideas that inspired them, along with a bit of their (sometimes very peculiar) personalities.

This project starts off with strange visions and dreams.... the Surrealists.   Ill talk about what inspired them, the awesome dinner parties, their influences, and why the hell you'd eat spiders as an appetizer (I'll explain that in class).  As a special treat  for those artists signing up of the "Why Art History Doesn't Suck" Workshop I'll also have a few hands-on projects where you can experiment with the Surrealist methodology in your studio.

  • How much does it cost?   $49.99 
  • When does it begin? Friday May 13th 2016
  • How does it differ from live class?  Online classes allow for a bit more in depth explanations of techniques etc.
  • Will there be video?  A: Yes.  I have about 180 of minutes of protected video that only students will be able to access.
  • Will it be live?  No.  I will not be doing live video, but I will be setting up a special FaceBook where I will be available to discuss your questions.  Each week I will record a video responding to all the questions posed in the group.
  • Can you tell me more about the FaceBook Group?   Students can access this anytime and discuss ideas with other students. They can also post art they might be working on that relates to class topic.
  • Is the class segmented or do I get everything at once?  I have designed the class so you will have access the information at once and can play with it as you like, at your own speed.  New weekly videos will pop up with additional tidbits and tips.
  • What kind of site is being used to host this class?  I'm using a protected website.
  • How will I access the website?  When class begins I will send out passwords to all the students.  
  • What else will be on the site?  Along with the workshop videos I will also do weekly video addressing these questions.
  • Is this for Beginners or Advanced students?  It's for everyone.  I've made it so it is information that can be used by all levels.
  • Will it be entertaining?  Geez, I hope so.  I will try and make it very un-dry and fun.