Skullduggery Supply List
Supply List:

PLEASE NOTE, I tried to imaging everything you could possibly need for all the projects.  Remember, there is no time limit on the class, so you could wait and see which techniques you prefer before you purchase everything. Just an option.

Second Hand Store and Craft Store Finds

  1. Variety of other found objects.  Items like watch parts, gears, typewriter parts….just about anything, really.  Look for things that are interesting shapes or designs, but also things that might have symbolic significance.
  2. Stencils
  3. Cabinet Cards, tintypes or old photos
  4. Skull and skeleton toys.  A variety of sizes depending on how big you want to make these things.
  5. Old figurines or doll parts- wedding cake figurines are lots of fun to change.
  6. A cheap historic bust.  Back in the old days Avon used to sell presidential figures on cologne bottles.  Could also be a doll head.  Hit the second hand store and see what you can find. 
  7. Some sort of base to mount your figures on.  Could be fancy but scrap wood is great.  Also some thin wood for a backing.  Could be balsa wood.   
  8. Cheap frames with backing.  Nothing over 8”x10”…unless you’ve got a vision…wouldn’t want to discourage that.  Many of my examples using frames will be under 6”x8”.
  9. Paint Brushes (a couple small detail brushes, and some cheap brushes (I love bristle brushes 1/2 inch to 1 inch in size)

Adhesives, Clay and Texture

  1. Aves Apoxie Clay 1 lbs or more (contact if you have any problem locating this product.  They sell direct or will tell you about local suppliers)
  2. E6000adhesive
  3. White glue, ie Elmers
  4. DAP KWIK SEAL Tub & Tile Adhesive Caulk (White) – small tube (this can be found in hardware stores.
  5. Kroma Crackle (you can purchase this at

Miscellaneous Tools

  1. Saw (if you have a Dremel you can use the wood cut-off wheel)
  2. Exacto Knife
  3. Pliers
  4. Wire (a variety of gauges)

Paint (I prefer Golden Brand but Liquitex or Windsor Newton works too)

  1. Quinacridone Nickel Azo Gold,
  2. Titanium White,
  3. Carbon Black,
  4. Van Dyke Brown
  5. Pthalo Blue (Green Shade)
  6. Quinacridone Crimson
  7. Dioxazine Purple

Optional Paints

  1. Nickel Azo Yellow
  2. Terre Verde Hue
  3. Smalt Hue
  4. Azurite Hue
  5. Quinacridone Magenta
  6. Vat Orange
  7. Pyrole Red

Optional Tools - but if you have them, they will come in handy

  1. Heat gun
  2. Dremel, with Metal Cut off wheel
  3. Cordless Drill